Your house is beautiful but it didn't sell? What do you do now? 

Have you continually been told the price is too high?  In my 30+ years of selling real estate I have identified three major components you need to sell your home, and the reason it didn't sell may have nothing to do with your home, the market, or the price. In fact, your home may have been one of the more desirable properties for sale. 

So why didn't it sell? Before you decide on your next plan, let's review your previous one using the following as a guide line. An expired listing usually reflects a problem in one of these three main areas: location, presentation or price. 

You need to have all three on point to sell your home. 

If you are in a good location, you can check off this box. 

If your realtor has gone through how to best prepare your home for sale, you can check off this box. 

Where most people get stuck is in the pricing. The job of the price is to get prospective buyers through the door. You can't negotiate with  someone who doesn't come to see your home. 

Buyers view homes online to narrow down which homes they are not going to see, not which homes they are going to see. As a realtor, I know how frustrating it can be to have dozens of people come through your home and not make an offer, or, not have anyone come through your home. So if your house didn't sell lets narrow down the reason. Call me at 416-467-8627. That is my direct number and there is no cost and no obligation for this service. Call me today and let's get you moving!